Propose a Session

We are no longer accepting proposals for the 2018 Conference. A record number of practitioners submitted ideas for Conference programming. Thank you to all those who submitted!

The Conference for Community Arts Education program will include a wide range of events: full-day pre-conference training institutes, roundtables, workshops, working meetings, networking events, site visits, plenary sessions, consultations, panel presentations, and more. We will prioritize sessions in which participants work together to advance understanding and break new ground for the field.

Examples of Session Topics

  • Positioning nonprofit arts education providers as partners in cross-sector collaborations that address civic priorities
  • Efforts to provide arts education programs that meet the specific interests and needs of under-served communities, e.g., older adults, refugees, students with special needs or mental illness, incarcerated youth, military veterans, etc.
  • Documenting and communicating impact to improve practice and demonstrate the value of arts education
  • Cutting-edge methods for raising money; recruiting and retaining students; engaging families, communities, and trustees; involving alumni, using technology, etc.
  • Building and leveraging the leadership capacity of arts education professionals and stakeholders
  • Initiatives aimed at increasing society’s understanding and appreciation of the value of arts education
  • Efforts to build knowledge of community arts education by working with higher education, researchers, and other partners

Characteristics of Successful Session Proposals
We are looking for sessions that:

  • focus on strategies and methodologies whose effectiveness has been substantiated
  • share information and ideas that can move the field forward
  • are of significant interest to a national audience
  • feature content experts who are also effective presenters—we also are interested in hearing from experts from beyond the field of arts education, e.g., researchers, policy makers, etc. (note that the maximum number of presenters/panelists is three)
  • are relevant to a multidisciplinary audience chiefly comprised of senior staff (e.g., executive directors, arts education division directors, program directors) of nonprofit arts education providers; trustees, funders, policy makers, and teaching artists comprise an important secondary audience
  • feature clearly defined and achievable learning objectives
  • feature formats that align with adult learning styles and maximize audience participation

Because we value multiple perspectives, the Guild seeks to engage presenters who represent divergent perspectives, a diversity of backgrounds, artistic disciplines, geographic locations, etc. We encourage you to collaborate with others, including arts education leaders, students, as well as non-arts partners in adjacent sectors. Incomplete applications will not be considered. For more information, you can watch our Conference Proposals Demystified webinar here.

Presenter/Panelist Registration

All workshop presenters and panelists must register for the conference; however, workshop presenters are eligible for discounts of $150 off the full (three day) conference registration rate or $75 off a single day registration. These discounts will be applied at the time of registration, after you have been notified whether your proposal has been accepted.

Presenters/panelists who are participating only in a single session and no other aspects of the conference may have their registration fees waived at the discretion of the National Guild.

Registration opens July 2018. The early registration deadline is August. All presenters are required to register for the conference by the regular registration deadline of October.

This resource brought to you by the National Guild for Community Arts Education.