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    • 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
      A to Z Grantwriting

      Topics: Fundraising

       Through the A to Z Grantwriting Institute you’ll gain the skills, resources, and tools needed to diversify and expand your organization’s funding base. Renowned grantwriting trainer Linda Vallejo will present a ¬simple and proven system for securing funding from government, foundation, corporate, and individual donors. Come learn the basics of how to:

      • Research “good match” potential funders
      • Set up a successful grantwriting campaign
      • Develop positive working relationships with potential funders who care about the issue for which you are fundraising
      • Organize and maintain a development office and development team
      • Establish relationships and work successfully with collaborating partners
      • Submit ongoing proposals to diverse funding sources in record time
      • Consolidate a complete grant proposal package including need statement, measurable objectives, evaluation and budgets.

      All participants will receive a detailed A to Z Grantwriting Manual.

      So join us and gain a new, refreshed “can do” attitude toward grantwriting!

    • 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
      Creative Youth Development: Strategies for Growth

      Topics: Community Engagement, Arts-Based Youth Development

       Programs that blend arts education and youth development practices can help young people create their own artistic work while also building the personal, social, and intellectual capacities they need to succeed in school, career, and life. As young people experience the creative process over time, they learn that they can use it to express their own identities, understand and change the world around them, and connect to the greater human experience.

      This work, which community arts educators do with such dedication, is of crucial importance, but often carried out with not enough support and recognition to achieve its full potential impact. The National Guild, Massachusetts Cultural Council, and the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities convened the first ever National Summit on Creative Youth Development this past spring to examine how to ensure that creative youth development has the resources and methodologies to have as great a positive impact as possible. This session will build on that work, to further advance these important efforts.

      During this highly interactive full-day session, we will focus on strategies to grow this crucial sector by 1) positioning creative youth development as the catalyst for dynamic cross-sector collaborations to ensure young people’s academic, professional, and personal success; 2) better capturing and communicating the vital impact and experience of creative youth development; and 3) advocating for a strong, sustainable creative youth development sector. Together, we will:

      • Explore key research, practices and priorities driving the larger youth development field and consider how to align our programs to respond to and inform these
      • Study the structure of the broader youth development field and identify “points of entry” and prospective partners within it
      • Learn how to position arts education organizations as partners with and assets to a range of youth development agencies
      • Develop ways to demonstrate and communicate the impact of creative youth development programs to funders, partners and other stakeholders
      • Identify diverse funding streams and other resources to bolster organizational growth, long-term sustainability and youth engagement in the arts.
    • 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
      Do, Measure, Improve: Using Evaluation to Monitor and Manage Your Programs

      Topics: Evaluation

      Funders, policy makers, and other stakeholders are looking to arts educators for evidence: Credible measurement of "what's happening" in our programs, to our participants, and throughout our organizations. Though their requirements can feel burdensome, the evidence gleaned from well-designed and carefully implemented evaluations is more than content for a grant report—it's also what we need to assess effectiveness, improve practices, and support claims-making.

      Join us for day-long investigation into the continuum of research, assessment, evaluation, and reporting—from basic to complex and free to almost-free. We'll be parsing and perusing topics that include:

      • using existing research to substantiate your program plans and outcomes
      • identifying approaches "best fit" to your needs and resources
      • designing useful measurement strategies regardless of capacity limitations (time, skills, people, and/or money)
      • collecting, listening to, and understanding data, and
      • integrating ongoing assessments that leave you at year's end with an almost-written final report—and great stories for your development and marketing efforts.

      For those who know a little as well as those who know a lot, this session will focus on the "how tos," "what fors?" and "so whats?" of evaluation. You'll walk away with a set of tools that will help you listen to and use data to pursue your goals effectively, affordably, and credibly.

      Plus, you'll find out what Shakespeare thought about qualitative and quantitative methods—no extra charge!

    • 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
      Liberating Your Leadership Potential

      Topics: Leadership

      Gandhi is reported to have said that he meditated for an hour every day, except on very difficult days when he meditated for two.

      When is the last time you took two hours to reflect on the purpose you want your life and work to serve? 

      Many of us pursue careers in arts education because we want to make a better world. Yet the daily demands of our jobs are often so consuming that we lose touch with the energy and fulfillment that comes from working with a higher sense of purpose.

      We’ll devote the first half of this interactive seminar to gaining greater clarity regarding the higher of purpose of our work. Then we’ll consider how such clarity enables more effective and efficient choice making, attracts others to our cause, contributes to organizational cohesion, and unleashes potential.

      In the afternoon, we’ll address two barriers to greater effectiveness, satisfaction, and impact: time and money. We’ll examine how our own assumptions about time and money may be getting in our way. And we will explore some practical tools for dealing with these often painful preoccupations.

    • 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
      Youth Orchestra LA (YOLA): What Does Youth Leadership Look Like in an El Sistema-Influenced Program?

      Topics: Case Study

      Ticketed Event: $25

      Exceptional work is taking place at YOLA at EXPO, the El Sistema-influenced program that is focused on developing students not only as young musicians, but also as vital citizens and leaders. Founded in 2007, YOLA at EXPO is an intensive program that now includes three orchestras, mentorship, leadership training, group lessons, chamber music and parent engagement, all centered around the hundreds of students who attend programming four days each week.

      During this special pre-conference site visit, you'll see YOLA in action and hear from students and YOLA partners: the LA Phil, Harmony Project, and the EXPO Center-part of LA's Department of Recreation and Parks. Join us to learn about this groundbreaking program and discover how it's developing YOLA students' capacities to lead and mentor alongside their capabilities as musicians.

      Registration for this session provides round-trip bus service between the Westin Bonaventure Hotel and the EXPO Center, and a pizza dinner will be served on site.

    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
      Artspeaks: Redefining Community Arts Education in the 21st Century

      Topics: Site Visit

      Visit The Colburn School, a world-class performing arts institution, for an inspiring conversation with Guild executive director Jonathan Herman and 2014 National Guild Service Award honoree Margie Reese about the history and development of the National Guild and the ever-changing role of community arts education organizations locally and nationally. Colburn President & CEO Sel Kardan will moderate this dynamic discussion. This event is free and open to the public. Light reception to follow.

      This is a free event, but you’ll need to register in advance. Register directly through the Colburn School here.

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