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    Creative Youth Development: Strategies for Growth

    Wednesday | 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

    Topics covered: Community Engagement, Arts-Based Youth Development

     Programs that blend arts education and youth development practices can help young people create their own artistic work while also building the personal, social, and intellectual capacities they need to succeed in school, career, and life. As young people experience the creative process over time, they learn that they can use it to express their own identities, understand and change the world around them, and connect to the greater human experience.

    This work, which community arts educators do with such dedication, is of crucial importance, but often carried out with not enough support and recognition to achieve its full potential impact. The National Guild, Massachusetts Cultural Council, and the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities convened the first ever National Summit on Creative Youth Development this past spring to examine how to ensure that creative youth development has the resources and methodologies to have as great a positive impact as possible. This session will build on that work, to further advance these important efforts.

    During this highly interactive full-day session, we will focus on strategies to grow this crucial sector by 1) positioning creative youth development as the catalyst for dynamic cross-sector collaborations to ensure young people’s academic, professional, and personal success; 2) better capturing and communicating the vital impact and experience of creative youth development; and 3) advocating for a strong, sustainable creative youth development sector. Together, we will:

    • Explore key research, practices and priorities driving the larger youth development field and consider how to align our programs to respond to and inform these
    • Study the structure of the broader youth development field and identify “points of entry” and prospective partners within it
    • Learn how to position arts education organizations as partners with and assets to a range of youth development agencies
    • Develop ways to demonstrate and communicate the impact of creative youth development programs to funders, partners and other stakeholders
    • Identify diverse funding streams and other resources to bolster organizational growth, long-term sustainability and youth engagement in the arts.
    Conference resources are for delegates and members only. If you are a delegate or a National Guild member but are receiving this message, please contact Claire Wilmoth at (212) 268-3337 x14.

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