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Save the Date for the 2015 Conference

The Conference for Community Arts Education provides essential professional development and networking opportunities for staff, faculty, trustees, and teaching artists. In 2014, over 550 leaders from 300+ organizations nationwide met in Los Angeles and explored ways to amplify our impact, increase demand and support for arts education, and transform our communities.

Watch Videos of Past Conference Sessions

Past plenary sessions are  available online! You can watch videos from our past four conferences. We've recently added the following keynote addresses from our 2014 Conference: 

From Nicety to Necessity: Building Public Will for Lifelong Arts Learning

Speaker: Kevin Kirkpatrick, Senior Executive Vice President/Principal, Metropolitan Group, Chicago, IL

The value of the arts in our lives and educations has been well documented. Yet, arts programs are often the first to be cut and the last to be restored (if ever…). In response, arts advocates too often throw around data that succeeds mostly in “preaching to the choir” while failing to mobilize anyone who’s not already on board. Kevin will talk about a new strategy to build public will for the arts as a core component of our everyday lives, from how its framed to who needs to be engaged to make it a reality. Watch

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Conference Reflections Blog Series

In our Conference Reflections series, delegates from the 2014 Conference for Communtiy Arts Education share their insights and take-aways from their time in Los Angeles.

Developing the Field of Teaching Artistry

by Lynn Johnson, Teaching Artists' Guild, Oakland, CA

I had never been to an arts education conference where folks couldn’t stop clapping, cheering, laughing, and shouting. Not before November 20, 2014 anyway. Not before 80+ participants packed themselves into a room set up for 40 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Not before the National Guild made the bold choice to devote three days and four sessions to exploring the state of Teaching Artistry and putting Eric Booth at the helm...Read More

From Rallying Cry to Next Step

by Talia Gibas, Arts for All Manager, Los Angeles County Arts Comission, Los Angeles, CA

...As a first time attendee, I was asked to share personal reflections from the gathering, paying particular attention to high-level takeaways...I was impacted...and what follows is a synthesis of the big questions, concerns, and points of inspiration that remain weeks after the fact...Read More

Telling Our Story with Honesty

by Aliza Greenberg, COBALT Manager, Metropolitan Opera Guild, New York, NY

...what struck me most was the honesty with which we told our stories and the way we wrestled with our challenges together. At the conference, I knew I would be exploring how to make our work more legitimate in the eyes of those outside our field...but I didn't expect that having the space to talk abuot challenges and missteps would bring such relief and excitement...Read More

Photos Left to Right: Philadelphia Convention and Visitor's Bureau; Harlem School for the Arts, New York, NY; New Ballet Ensemble and School, Memphis, TN; Concord Community Music School, Concord, NH

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